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See anything wrong here?


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1) "Heavy sealant / caulking has been applied around the skylight. This typically indicates prior leakage and / or inadequate installation of flashing. I could not verify the proper installation of step or counterflashing." (I'm assuming its not visible?) "Consult with the seller(s) to determine their knowledge of prior leakage. A qualified and reputable roofing professional should provide appropriate repairs if or as necessary.

2) "There is no step flashing where the roof material abuts the vertical face of the chimney / wall" (is it a wall? or chimney? or?) "Mortar or sealant (can't tell what it is from the photo) is not a proper or appropriate long term solution to prevent leakage. A qualified and reputable roofing professional should provide an appropriate remedy"

3) "The cedar roof is dirty and is due for a proper cleaning and treatment by a qualified roof cleaning professional. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the cedar is key to maximizing its intended life expectancy"

4) Can't see the skylight glazing very clearly. Looks like plastic. Is it cracked or defective? If so- I'd write it up!!

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I don't see any evidence of flashing, either at the skylite curb or at the brickwork. It looks like the brick mortar actually makes a joint between brick and wood!

I would write this as a case of missing flashing and a certain leak location, future if not current. Certainly a serious defect that demands immediate fixing.

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Mike has nailed the issues with this shake roof with precision. The photo shows only one small area of a roof with many installation deficiencies.

The skylight does not have any curb or step flashings, but rather a site-built flange that obviously didn't work as indicated by the caulking. The stone is actually the wall of the original farmhouse above this recent addition. There are no step/counter flashings. An experienced roofer would have cut a kerf in the masonry to set in a counter flashing. The side lap of many of the shakes is much less than 1-1/2" between joints in adjacent courses. Like Mike said, many joints are actually aligned! Finally, the spacing between many of the shakes is less than the required 3/8".

Mike, were there any other responses? It would be helpful to see how others would word their report on these issues.

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And there are exposed screws below the skylight that penetrate the lower flashing, several broken shingles and some rot. For those that haven't tried it, the picture can be clicked on and enlarged.


I answered this "what do you see" but my answer kept coming up in the forum, so I deleted it. I thought the answers were supposed to be cloaked and didn't want to spoil the question for anyone else. Is there a problem? Or does answering unlock something so you can see answers while people that haven't responded still can't see them?

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