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SEC Size


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I couldn't quite tell if these SEC's were size 1 or 1/0.

What do you say?

And then regardless of the size, the SEC's are too small for a 200 amp breaker, yes?

What am I missing?

I'd have to guess #1. Way too small.

Someday, when we meet, remind me to smack you upside the head for sticking that tape measure into a live panel.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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It looks like a sub panel. I see this often, start to write it up, and then remember I'm staring at a sub- panel. You sure the service disconnect is not outside, with a main breaker rated at 125 amps. This would be a common set up for a townhouse in this area.

Jim-- it was a dead panel-- Randy flipped the switch outside first. [^]

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There is no way to determine the size difference between a #1 awg and a #1/0 awg from a picture on the internet!

Those 2 conductor sizes are way too close in size to determine in a picture and anyone who does is just guessing! One can not determine the conductor size by using a tape measure either. The various types of conductor insulation prevents this as the insulation is made from different materials of different thicness.

I think Brandon may hit the nail on the head. You said the disconnect is outside -What SIZE overcurrent is in the disconnect? This will determine what size conductors can be ran to the interior panel. That 200 ampere breaker in the panel is just a disconnecting means,provided there is overcurrent protection in the exterior switch, it is not neccessary. The panel could have been a main lug only panel.

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