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Chad Fabry

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This winter I'm finally going to update my master bathroom. In the past, while my wife and I were in the bathroom at the same time, using the commode was less than private. I'd like to install the reading chair in a "cubby" but it'll be only 32 inches wide. I thought I remembered a code saying that the walls had to be 18 inches from the center of the toilet, making the minimum width 36 inches.

Is that true? There'll be no door on the toilet area.

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Thanks guys,

I'm torn between having the aisle between the shower and toilet 4 inches narrower making it 36" or the cubby @ 32 inches.

I may just make the cubby walls two inches thick..that'd solve the problem. Glue up some plywood or use some solid surfacing material.

Already decided on the fan tech. There'll be two bathrooms back to back and it's the perfect solution.

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The plan we bought (and revised) for our house had a WC already in the master bath. I don't think it would have even occured to me, since I had never co-habitated. I love it, one of the few places in the house where one can be alone (no one comes in range when I'm in there). [:-crazy]

Brian G.

Underestimate My Range at Your Own Risk [:-sick]

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I believe it is a minimum 16" of clear floor space on either side of the centerline of a toilet to walls or other fixtures. I think the 18" from centerline is for a lavatory.

If it is in the original old part of your home, I wouldn't worry about it anyway. Since most homes I see weren't built with indoor plumbing, bathrooms are often created in spaces smaller than most modern closets.

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Here Steven,

make me feel humble.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif bath1.JPG

62.9 KB

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif master1.JPG

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Either bathroom door can be moved on the wall they're installed on.

The door to the master bath is a doorway, not a door.

The funky little rectangle is a chimney.

There are no interior walls in the room yet.

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