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Asbestos, possibly?

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What are the best ways to seal this stuff in, as you can see in the pics there are some spots where it has peeled away over the years and those areas are likely friable.A spray paint possibly?

My concern is when the heating or cooling is rolling up through ducts it might be creating a vacuum to where it is sucking the friable material into the duct and distributing the fibers throughout the entire house.These old heat ducts aren't exactly air tight, and show small gaps to where you can see the material from the inside of the duct.

The ducts in the basement are new, it looks like the old ducts in the walls of this two story are the ones wrapped with this stuff.Are there any insertable sleeves that can be retrofitted into the ducts to seal them up tight? The duct runs look to be straight shots from the basement to the top floor, if that helps.

No, there is no concern with the knob and tube the house was completely rewired in 2005.

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