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Hey Bears Fans!

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No predictions, other than Cutler is unpredictable. We have some real talent, but we need the prima donna to come through to make it gel.

Brady, as usual, will perform. No question pretty boy, but an ass kicker pretty boy.

The question will be the Bears D. I'll be watching, check back in here at 1/2 time.

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Pretty funny Mr. O............[:-bonc01]

Robert, yes it's freakin' nuts cold, high wind (30+mph), major snow dump, and it's getting worse as game time gets closer.

I don't see any kicking game. Passing is going to be short drops, few long routes.

It's gonna be who can push it on the ground. That's my guess right now.

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They're airing this game in Lexington. You know every person on the field is thinking, "Okay, this is worse than Hell. But I'm a professional. They pay me lots of dough to come out here and do my job. A LOT of money. I'm gonna freeze my ass off for four hours, earn my money, and get my frigid ass home."

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It looks pretty forbidding on the field, but I bet it's going to be hot in the Bear's locker room during halftime.

Could make for a hell of a rematch if they meet again in The Bowl.

So now the Bears are frozen AND humiliated. How do they generate enough enthusiasm to even take the field for the second half?

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I think Robert Jones has it right. The Bears (and every other team in the NFL) are out-coached when it comes to Bellicheck. Sure, we love Tom Brady. Who wouldn't want him to be their QB? But as good as he is, it was Bellicheck who assembled & trained the team and the coaching staff. He designed, built, and manages 'the system' better than anyone. Who else gets players to study their opponents the way he does? Other teams have talent, but what other coach gets his players to forget they make more money than he does, and play the damn game?

If Brady stopped QB'ing tomorrow, the Pats would still be very good and in a few years they'd be fierce again.

If Bellicheck left NE tomorrow, we'd still probably be a playoff quality team, but not the juggernaut we are. After a few years, we'd be just another team.

Bellicheck is the Red Auerbach of football, only better. Success will follow him wherever he coaches.

IMO, he is THE definitive coach in American professional sports today.

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I agree. Not ready to hand him the mantle of premier coach of professional sports, but he's clearly got the gig cinched in the NFL.

The Bears 3 and outed 'em right off, Bellicheck made an adjustment, Lovey didn't respond, and NE rolled.

By the half, I think the wheels just came off; they had no plan for dealing with it, and the stupid mistakes multiplied. The fumble for a TD right after that kick in the (what, 2/4?) sealed it. You can't go down 21 zip to NE and think you're coming back.

I want to, ummmmm, love Lovey, but he's just not ready for it. And, he says stupid things at press conferences that just don't make any sense.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Chicago has rubes managing their sports teams.

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