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I just caught the 6PM news out of Rochester, NY. Big story about a 20+ apartment complex shut down due to frozen/burst water lines, as well as attendant electrical issues. Interviewed, was the local building official-a familiar fellow by the name of Chad Fabry!!

Nice job Chad-you represented the industry very well, indeed.

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The apartment sub-panels were a mess. Each had at least three double taps, two circuits entering the boxes w/o bushings, low voltage wiring and were undersized for the load. Unfortunately for the owner, they all have to be replaced and relocated since they're all in clothes closets or pantries that don't have adequate working space.

Additionally, the panel that served the common area is an FPE and the busbars are burned and the busbars in the meter bank that serve the house panel are also burned. It was a tough decision to keep thirty folks out of their homes.

One of the previous owners of the building converted the heat from central fired hydronic to electric baseboard without changing anything- he just cobbed in the additional 2 240 circuits and doubled everything up to make room.

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