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Fenix Battery

Jerry Simon

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If your using the UltraFire 18650 batteries, I just found out they don't slowly die; they die a sudden death. After perusing the CandlePower forums, the consensus is those batteries suck, and most prefer the longer lasting TrustFire 18650 batteries.

I ordered two on-line from a company in China, paid under nine bucks which includes shipping, and received by mail in less than a week. They work fine & dandy, and fit the UltraFire charger.


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I've got both types. Ones that die instantly without much warning and others that dim for a significant time prior to crapping out totally. I've never had either die on an inspection as long as they're charged up to begin with.

I use a TK15 on the job and a TK11 around the house. I've gotten addicted to it for everything from working on the car to searching for the crab steaming pot on the basement shelves. Walking around with the beam in hand seems to have me moving in a systematic way. Gee...I wonder where I picked that up?

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