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geyser in crawlspace

John Dirks Jr

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I squeezed through the 12 inch high access panel and into the crawl. Once in the clearance was about 18 inches so not that bad. I hear this hissing noise and see some moisture in the floor.

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Roll to the left about 6 feet and peek around the corner and there it is, dousing and blasting everything in a 10 foot radius.

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I'm glad it happened at the inspection and not after.

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Was this a house that the water was turned on for the inspection?

No. There was also wet ceiling drywall above a bathroom sink. It would have taken longer for the material to get saturated like it was. The owner was there and cut the drywall open on the spot and found a nail had been driven through the CPVC distribution line in recent renovations. It's a shame for these things because this was one of the nicest little houses I've been in lately.

In addition, I accidentally bumped a 2" PVC drain line with my elbow while in the crawl and heard a cracking noise. The fitting came apart. I know that properly glued PCV parts do not come apart like that.

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BTW, I never turn on main water supplies if thats what you're getting at.

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