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Electronic water softeners


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Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the electronic water softeners? The one I came across was called Easy Water http://www.easywater.com

My client was asking me about it and I simply had to tell them that I had never come across one before and I really did not understand how, why or if it even works.

If they do work, it seems like a great solution to adding soft water to a home with out the conventional old salt water softeners. This home had no way of getting rid of the discharge from a conventional softener, so the owners put the Easy Water system in. The say it works great, but I have my doubts.

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Here's a quote from that page:

"The expert says "nucleation" by a variable electric (charge?) field not the magnetic field which he says is far too weak. The Portsmouth tester says the magnetic field causes the CaCO3 to "coagulate".

.... my neighbor who installed an EasyWater unit says it seems to be working."

I recommend wearing a magnetic headband while operating this device. Works for me. [:)]

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