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Anyone see this type of floor system?

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I came across an unusually built home yesterday. In 13 years inspecting, I have only seen this system three times, and all three instances were in the same neighborhood and were homes of similar age. This home was built in approximately 1941. Typically in homes this age I see a conventional floor system with wood joists and beams, and brick piers. But as you can see here we have poured concrete beams and piers. The subfloor consisted of two by eights (not tongue and groove or even shiplap) laying on their flat side and spanning approximately 6 feet between the concrete beams. I can't say that I saw any unusual settling or other movement inside indicating a problem, but I'm just curious if this system was/ is used elsewhere. Did a transplant from elsewhere bring it with him, or is it just a case of a local builder marching to his own drummer?

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Could it be that the 2X8's were used as forms for a concrete floor?

No, conventional nail down hardwood floors were installed on top.

And there wasn't any unusual bounce to the floor. In fact, the interior walls looked great and I had no clue that the floor system was unusual until I opened the hatch to the crawl.

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