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What would you call this architectural style?

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Besides ruined by the brick veneer, and the sloppy roof install, and the two story CMU addition on the back that can't see in the pic.

The soffit and fascia are stuccoed and flow into the wall coating. The foundation is straight between the two bays on the end and there are three 12" glass block skylights set in to a low slope stucco bevel to light the basement. The other end is the same.

The interior that hasn't been remuddled is very mid century minimalist. square shapes, white paint, little or no trim, strip oak floors. My best guess for a build date is the later half of the 50's.

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From the 1920s through 1950, there was the "English Cottage Revival". There are many forms/interpretations/attempts, with the one in your picture being the worst I've ever seen. The roof curves and eyebrows are common details found on thatched cottages.
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