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"Little" bit of staining.

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This pic is of the basement carpet installed in the home we are purchasing. The smell has been quite strong for a while so we pulled back the carpet. After seeing this our agent contacted the listing agent and was told, "anyone who has or has had a pet realizes that accidents will happen". This is just a small section of the carpet.

How could one live in a home like this! Crap...

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The carpets get shampooed on top, but it's the underlay that hold the stink, I think.

Another thing I see a lot. They will shampoo the carpet, but then turn all the heat off, because they've moved out. Then the carpet strips go rusty and leave a black line along all the walls.

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Here are questions about carpets installed on concrete basement floors.

Is it expected that if you probe through the carpet and into the padding with a moisture meter that you'll get elevated moisture readings? Consider the meter probes are not in contact with the concrete but only the padding. Is it unreasonable to expect it to be dry?

I've checked basement carpets/padding and found that some show elevated moisture levels. The levels are high in some areas and low in others so it makes me wonder what's going on.

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