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brick veneer issues

John Dirks Jr

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No support or lintel above the window. Bricks falling loose and the whole thing kinda compressing down on the window frame. From the attic side it looked like the bricks were stuck directly to the OSB.

How would one go about fixing this?

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif P1280853.JPG


Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif P1280854.JPG


Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif P1280946.JPG


Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif P1280877.JPG

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It might be my imagination but there seems a vertical crack to the right of the arch as well as some framing issues on that gable wall. That would meet my criteria to go 'whole hog' at everything wrong with that veneer installation, if not the framing too.


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Yes, that is some amateur framing around the gable vent. That is a scary picture.

I'll bet there are hidden defects in those walls.

I'll bet there is water damage to the OSB around those windows as well.

It is a shame that someone would apply that much brick to a house and not learn the basics of masonry and home construction first. [:-thumbd]

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