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Really Cool, Old House

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I'm in Leipers Fork, TN, a couple years ago - just outside Nashville, but truly in the boonies. Town is a couple hundred feet long; Scott P. will know about it. Anyway, was in a hoitey-toitey art store and saw this painting by Lassie McDonald Crowder, a local artist. I was spellbound. I couldn't stop looking at it. I could actually picture myself walking around it. Spellbound, and I had to have it. (It was more than I could afford, but heck, life is short.)

Afterwards, when back home, I wrote the artist and told her how I've never really been *touched* by such ever in the past. She called me a week or so later, and I had a wonderful conversation with a southern, soft-spoken lady. She told me where the house was; even farther back in the boonies, and I said next time I visited my daughter in TN, I'd try to find the house. She gave me directions as best she could, and said it's so far off the main road I might have trouble finding it. Lo & behold, one eeire foggy morning a few months later, my wife & I found the house.

It was barely standing, falling apart inside, but one of the neatest houses I've ever seen. No idea on age; could only guess. But it's old. Picts of the outside, the inside, and the painting hanging in my office are below. Hope ya'll feel the way I do.

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Is that a terne roof?

What would a place like that sell for nowadays?

Honestly, it doesn't look that bad. Do people strip out and renovate places like that?

It's a metal roof; not sure if it's terne metal.

The house is bad; some more picts below. I couldn't go upstairs or in the basement; stairs were mostly gone. Shotgun blasts all over. . .

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