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I ran across my first CatGenie today. They are a self flushing, self washing litter box. This one was located in the laundry area. Water comes from the washing machine cold water side and the waste goes to the washing machine drain pipe. Does anyone know if these have some sort of built-in anti-siphon device?

http://www.catgenie.com/media/manuals/c ... -Guide.pdf

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Jeff Euriech

Peoria, Arizona

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It's supposed to dump into a toilet, not a washing machine. Wrong, and maybe a bit disgusting too. Although there appears to be a filter system.

There is an air gap if the discharge pipe hangs on the toilet bowl or a stand pipe, so that's your anti-siphon.

The granules are washable, the bowl spins and the poop scooper flips the turds into a grinder. Very inventive.

The cleaning cycle takes a while, it seems. And what if kitty needs to take a crap while the thing is flushing? [:)]

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. . . There is an air gap if the discharge pipe hangs on the toilet bowl or a stand pipe, so that's your anti-siphon.. . .

I think Jeff is asking about an anti-siphon device on the water supply side, rather than the waste side, so that, if there's a loss of pressure in the distribution system, it doesn't suck the cat poop soup back into the pipes.

The water inlet is probably located high up, above the flood rim of the device.

The problem with these kinds of devices is that they're always cheaply built. They could probably work fine if they had powerful enough motors, machined metal bearings, etc, but they never do.

If you want a pet cat and you don't like dealing with a litter box, teach the little sucker to use the toilet. It worked for Mingus.


(Of course, it was best not to screw around with Mingus, even his cats knew that.)

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