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You know something. Do they?

Bill Kibbel

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What if the agent turns to you and says "Please don't reveal that information to the buyer. it'll scare them away?"
"They're going to find out today, rather than the day they move in. If you want to look like the asshole, that's fine with me."

And they say I'm a curmudgeon. [}:)]



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I'm not tryng to belittle PA or any other state's inspectors by any means, it mentioned the respsonsiblilty of licensess in the article so does that make an inspector responsible legally, that' all.

It's an article by PAR's attorney. I sometimes have reading comprehension issues, but I thought it was evident that the licensees were the licensed Realtor members of the Association.
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Mark, do you think folks would do that?

BTW, you got a compliment from one of your past clients regarding your attitude about mold. I looked at your web-site and think your mold section has some really good paragraphs.

Stop for coffee when you are in the area.

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Imo, it would be the realtor's responsability to inform the buyer. Recently did a house with suicide in the basement. The realtor told the buyer and the transaction went through smoothly. I had no idea until the realtor told me the day of the inspection and the house is only a few blocks from mine.

I would have to be 110% sure that something like that happened in the house to tell my client and even then it's just hearsay and I would never write something of such nature in the report.

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