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Notice the new stronger replacement handle?


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In Maine, the "homeowner contractor" would rig up a condensate line from the buckets to the sill of their 1840s house-barn.Narrowly escaping any real work, they would then go for a ride on their Harley or Bass Boat and call it a day. It is scary!! This would also occur to a professional?? contractor! Anything goes in the Vacation State.

I've inspected a few living spaces (homes) in my Maine neighborhood. No rules(codes) are good rules?? Even a little commomn sense?? It is hard to keep a straight face. Buyers do not like it when their home inspector laughs out loud.I'm staying in Mass. for a while longer.[:-banghea

Jack Ahern Needham on the Charles

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I saw another "swimming pool in the attic" photo at ITA Tampa. In that one they had to cut notches in the lip of the pool so they could push it far enough out towards the eaves to get under the leaks. It was a hoot. Humans are amazing.

Brian G.

For Sale By Owner:

1700 sq.ft.

3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

Built in Attic Reservoir! [;)]

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