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Gas furnace testing


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I'm a Las Vegas home inspector. Yesterday it was 110+ degrees outside with a raging fire in the mountains directly west of the inspection I was on. Well it was several miles west and the home was not in danger but you may have seen on the news the huge smoke plums dropping ash and smoke over our valley. The home was a 1997, tract home with (2) split system external compressors and (2) air handler/gas furnaces in the attic. The home was occupied by a family friend/caretaker who was on an oxygen generator and I saw numerous inhalers in the house.

The AC(s) ran fine, with a decent temp split, but I did not think it was prudent to fire up the heaters given the conditions outside, 110+ degrees, and inside, occupant with breathing problems.

Did I do the right thing? Comments Please.

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As noted above ... I do similar. T-Stat set to heat and turn the temp up to 90+. Wait for flame to ignite and burn a few minutes and be sure it is as blue as possible and then go back to A/C.

If flame isn't blue then I have something else to write up ... even at 95+ degrees. Yesterday's home the attic was about 105-110.

Certainly didn't leave the heat on for long. [:-bigeyes

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