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Velux skylights


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I have two Velux I belive curb mounted skylights. Interior sash plat reads FS62 3075 N05A. I has been raining for days here in Colorado. One of the windows has developed a leak in the top left corner. What to do:

1. Can I fix this myself?

2. I'm hoping it is just a seal that needs to be replaced?

3. Should I contact a professional?

4. Should contact Velux?

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also- how old are the skylights? Are the still in warranty?

lastly-it is very likely that the cost of making a mistake is going to be more than hiring a professional (i.e. falling off the roof, damaging a repairable flashing, etc...). If you are not even sure if they are curb mounted skylights I suggest that you not attempt to make an amateur repair.

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The Velux skylight is usually not what's leaking. I find that leaks that occur only during really heavy rains, or melting snow, are quite often from the shingle termination at the saddle/head flashing.

I frequently find that the shingles aren't properly terminated well above the vertical part of the saddle/head flashing. Velux requires 2-3/8" minimum.

If the slope of the roof is over 12:12 there's supposed to be diverter on the roof above the head of the skylight as well.

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