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Challenger breakers in FPE Stab Lok panel


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Hi everyone. I did a forum search and couldn't seem to find and answer to my question. I did a job on an early 80's condo that had a FPE Stab Lok panel installed. Instead of FPE breakers, someone installed all Challenger breakers.

The problems with the Stab Lok panels and breakers are well documented and I always recommend upgrading then when I find them, but I can't seem to find much information about the reliability and function of replacement breakers.

To me, this set up still has the same poor connection at the bus bar, but I'd like to get other opinions. Would you still recommend replacing these panels when the breakers are replaced? Thank you in advance.


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A quick edit; after looking at some of the pictures that I took, I noticed that it not only says Challenger on the face of the breaker, it says Stab Lok as well. Are these the same crappy breakers as the orange handled Stab Lok breakers?

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It's tough to say from those tight pics, but it could be a Challenger retrofit. Everything in those shots look very new.

The building was built in 1989 and the panel was very clean. It definitely was a FPE Stab Lok panel. I was surprised to find the Challenger breakers when I opened the cover.

It seems that Challenger made these breakers specifically for Stab Lok, with the Stab Lok name printed on its identification sticker. I can't seem to find any information on these breakers at all.

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