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Unforseen Costs When Buying a Home

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Sort of a general list, but at least inspections were at the top of the list.

Unforseen Costs When Buying a Home

Unforeseen costs my ass. Property taxes, closing fees, home insurance, home inspection. . .what the hell are the foreseen fees?

And, around here, lenders do not require an inspection. Also, as stated, hope you're all making sure electric is *up to code*.

No offense meant, Nolan, but one of the crappiest articles I've ever wasted my time on.

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Nothing new in the article and no offense taken ... Just wanted to share that I happened to see it in the "news" ... so to speak.

It is merely a rehash of what some writer pumps out with input from others who don't really understand the home buying process.

I'm certainly not championing the article ... just simply made an observation that "at least this time" the "inspection" bullet was at the top of the list ... as Marc noted for my defense.

I can and will be a bit more careful about what I post going forward.

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Yeah, watch it, eh. Somebody could take offense over something somebody posted on his cheesy blog site. [:)]

An unforeseen cost is finding out something doesn't work right after you move in. The inspection fee is pretty minor as costs go. The appraiser and the lawyer cost a similar amount and you don't see people griping about their fees. Not even on his list.

You could have a dispute with a neighbor over a fenceline, maybe haveto get a land survey done, or lose a piece of your new property for an easement.

Discovering a buried oil tank would be an unforeseen cost. An abandoned well that was never capped, skunks under the garden shed. A wooden septic tank that is on the verge of caving in. A sink hole under the house. OK, that's it for my blog of the day. [:)]

The Hockey game of the year starts at 4 AM tomorrow Pacific Standard Time. Sorry about that, Team USA.

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I think they nailed it.

Kids buying houses for their first time, don't know about this stuff.

Most folks around here may have heard of an inspector but, they don't have a clue what we do, or that it's the single most important piece of the puzzle of buying a home. Good to see it.

Tis true. I see Realtors all the time advertise buying a home with no money down. You can buy a house with little to no money in the bank. That is why I get that moment of silence after giving these poor broke people my fee cost, they simply don't have an extra $500.

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