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GE Warm Air Furnace - Age??


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I think it's 1976, maybe a little earlier.

I've never read a definitive statement to that effect; I sort of figured it out back in the 80's when I noticed the new stuff had ANSI dates, and the old stuff didn't. I narrowed it down to (approximately) 1976 on my own.

Anyone know for sure? I've googled it but didn't find anything.

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Looks like an oldie. How old is the house? Later GE furnaces have a 9 digit SN and the third from the end in the last digit of the year. The 9 digits are all run together. If that used a similar code then 1973, 1963, 1953 could be possibilities. Its hard to see details in that photo, but 1973 seems too new. The MN does not match anything in the 1967 to 1993 Carrier Blue Book, so earlier than that is likely.

I'm not looking at the photo now, but I think under gas type is said OPT-NAT. Optional? Could be from the transition period from mixed or manufactured gas (1950s-60s at the late end).

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