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Credit card processing !!


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I have a company for you to avoid; The Merchant Solutions out of Woodland Hills, CA. While I do have myself to blame for not reading the fine print, I urge you to stay clear. They were helpful enough when I was starting with them. But, I couldn't get the swiper to read my card. They stayed on the phone with me for 25 or more minutes until after many tries, it connected with my card. Of course, in the field, I didn't have that luxury of time and I apologized to my clients about the "temporary" failure of my reader. I stopped even trying. I never used it for a transaction. Then I start getting monthly fees. Then I start to stop my service. After some bullshit about billing cycles, three months later I am out !! They never asked for the card reader, but I held on to it, just in case. Then the phone call about failure to return the reader would result in significant fees. I ask for return instructions and address. Now as a final farewell, I spot a $350 debit from them to my account. I call and am told that that was a "restocking fee" that was clearly communicated in their application documents. This company is a "rip off".

I now use PayPal. Smooth transactions, the reader actually works. Fees are based upon transactions only.

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