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Creosote stain remover?

John Kogel

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The deck is actually a roof. The roof she has a chimney and the chimney she has a smoky old woodstove dripping creosote all over the place.

The deck cover is torched-on mod bit with a light granular topping.

What is a reasonable way to wash the roof so it looks a bit better without damaging the roofing?

I have suggested strongly that they lay down a walking surface, which will also cover up the stain. Any ideas?

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This reply is probably too late, but here it goes anyway. This would be the cheapest route, maybe not the best route though:

Looks like the chimney is capped of and the stove out of use or gone. I would :

1) Start at the top of the chimney and wire brush as much soot off as possible and then pressure wash the entire chimney and roof with a de-greaser or simply green and thorough rinsing and let dry overnight.

2) Primer paint the entire chimney with one or two coats of BIN Grey (deep base) Shellac primer/sealer and two top coats of dark red exterior latex paint.

3) Paint the mod-bit with a non-fibered aluminium roof coating.

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