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Furnace Combustion

Jerry Simon

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Look at the flame in the left heat exchanger compartment. Seller had furnace tech out to check.

Furnace tech called me today, and asked (snidely) if I was the *home inspector*. After acknowledging such, I asked who I had the pleasure of speaking with. He replied "what's your f****ing problem".

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Jerry, our attitudes are kinda like a normal bell curve - inverted! In the 1980's I was a nice fine fellow out there to make a living and save at least part of the world through my special inspector work and status. Around 2000 I must have been hit in the head and became a really good deal killin' dick! Now, I just listen, look at them and walk away. My new personality trait does not make me any more or any less money and it feels better!

You did the right thing.

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I've learned a different approach. I have fun with them.

If they're stupid enough to call you and ask that question in the first place, I've got plenty of problems to share with them.

Taxes are too high. I don't heal as fast as I once did. My backswing sometimes, takes me off balance and causes me to overcompensate on the recovery, and hack the ball out of bounds. Those are just some of them!

By the time I'm done with that, they will have already hung up and they'll be the one who's "lit up".

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I like the Jim K approach. Calmy respond with a valid answer that drives the caller plumb out of his mind. It lets you exact vengeance while remaining civil.

Those here long enough to know Jim K will understand.

One of these days, I'll graduate to Les's attitude.


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