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2015 New Rules for Water Heaters

Nolan Kienitz

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NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act) rolls into effect this spring and affects water heaters.

Many of the W/H manufacturers have information about this and the impact to manufacturers, builders, installers and ultimately the homeowner.

Here is a PDF from State ...

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif NAECA_Builder_Brochure.pdf


Just ran across this URL for what is called:

Appliance Standards Awareness Project

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Not much of a deal in the land of basements.

If larger electric heaters are used in a basement (requiring a heat pump style heater), the resulting cold room created in basements may well become an issue, also closets or small rooms may prevent the use of heat pumps.

My guess is the use of multiple smaller units (less than 55 gallons) may well be a workaround employed instead of a single larger unit.

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The end result...

There will be people selling black market illegal water heaters because there will be no easy way to replace your existing water heater in a confined space and use the existing chimney flue.

There will be companies that make a business of "Fixing" old heaters.

There will be many improperly installed and dangerous heaters because no permits will be obtained and legitimate contractors will not install illegal heaters.

A few people will end-up dead from improper installs.

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Current gas 'tall boy" water heaters are already way too tall because just elbowing off the draft hood often results in less than adequate vent rise, cutting elbows to reach the chimney or even downhill runs. This could kill or poison a lot of people especially as the UN tree huggers move us towards their "Sustainability" take-over. On a 40 mbh gas WH with less than 3 ft. of vent rise, you must increase the vent connector to 4". Chop that rise to less than a foot and it will spill out the draft hood rather than fight to get up the chimney or vent. Idiots...

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