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Lets talk about water heaters.


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Interesting. Didn't know water heaters needed condensate removal. Am I missing something or is that because of the new heat pump technology?

It's a positive that consumers will need installers, instead of do it yourself? Not sure how I feel about that one.


Q: What does this all mean to the wholesaler and installer?

A: The implications are many for the wholesaler and installer. With the size and weight of products likely changing, costs, transportation, storage, and installation will all be affected. The new technologies will require additional product and installation training, and when on the job, new space, venting and condensate removal requirements may exist.

On the positive side, when products become more complex, it is less likely that they will be purchased and installed by the do-it-yourself consumer. Therefore, a potential impact of the 2015 water heater changes will be an increase in the share sold through wholesale distribution, thereby, increasing installer opportunities.


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I think you're right.

As I read (past tense) the new regs, I seem to recall this only mattered for >50 gallon capacity tanks. 50 gallon or less, it's still the same old same old.

Being inherently lazy about following new dipsquat regulatory issues, did I get that right?

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Size appears to be split from <55 to >55 gallons.

<55 gallon products have higher efficiency requirements that require more insulation and that is changing the size of those units to about 2" higher and 2" wider. Space is the key item here.

I didn't read the details on the >55 gallon units, but they apparently have more requirements that get into condensing units, etc..

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