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A little snow in Kentucky last night!

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Yeah I saw KY got 23" out there ... that's nasty.. We are having one interesting winter up here as you all know.. Some interesting roof-collapses on businesses, homes, ice-rinks, barns, etc.. The front door of my house started binding in the jamb.. 1st time in the 25 yrs I've been here.. from snow-load... no cracks on any plaster at all, but the entire box of the house is just pressed-down on the sills more..

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The back deck got about 18 inches on it. It'll all be gone by Monday or so with the higher temperatures coming tomorrow.

Do you think it will cool back down enough at night to promote ice damming?

Might be a stupid question, but given the amount you got in one shot, I wonder if that might be more of a concern than usual.

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Three of my neighbors have already mowed their lawns this year. My wife had the mower out last week but she must have it set up too high. I don't see any improvement. Mowing makes me sneeze. We could use some of that snow here. [:)]

The entire Pacific Northwest seems to have had quite the mild winter. My plums started blooming two weeks ago, cherries just started, lawn needs mowing. Spring seems to be about a whole month ahead of schedule this year.

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