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IJ app??

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Why does IJ not have an app? I really can only read and post on my compiter. Feel like it would be much easier on an app ! Or maybe I just can't find it?

The reason is because you do not pay a fee to be a member of this forum. I would be happy to develop an app for you. The retainer to start work is $4,000. I will accept cash, check or credit card. How would you like to establish your account today?

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I occasionally use my I-phone to read/post on TIJ but it's a pain the neck. It's not mobile-friendly.


You're right. It behaves very strangely when opened and used on a phone.

Do you get it zooming in when you hit "Post New Reply"? Mine will zoom in about 100x, where a few letters fill up the whole screen. Sometimes it won't let me see the "typing box"; as soon as I hit a key, it will jump down and the screen changes.

Agreed, not mobile friendly. Which is OK, I guess. We rarely get youngsters in here. Old farts still use computers, where it works OK.

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We don't have an app because we like it better when people use desktops with a full compliment of spelling and grammar checkers.

I've revoked membership for a few people who used phrases like "4u" and "gr8".

Don't get me going on what happens when you screw up plural/possessive/contraction apostrophes.

You ought to see what he does when you make fun of him for using words like "imbricate". He actually writes more than a paragraph.

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