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Aluminum Wire


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So, I don't see aluminum wiring to often unless its' stranded and typically it's the SEC. At todays inspection solid aluminum #8 was observed at a double pole 40 amp breaker which is serving the electric range. Getting conflicting information about #8 having the capability to serve 40 amp breakers and am wondering if it is adequate and do ya'll make your clients aware of of its' presence regardless of adequacy. It was marked as XHHW #8 and was in a house built in 1986. Top two wires in pictures and picture of the wire jacket is included but apparently not a very good one.




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Erby's chart shows the aluminum ampacities way over on the right side. 

Both charts (and the NEC) allow  #8 SER cable to be used on a 40 amp circuit (you have to use the 75-degree column, which is fine if all of the terminals in the circuit are marked for 75 degrees, which they almost certainly are). 

On many ranges, the installation instructions will specify either a 40- or 50-amp circuit, even though the range is capable of drawing more than that. I suspect that the manufacturer figures you won't run all of the burners on high at once. 

Being the suspicious type, I've tested this several times on several ranges. The 40-amp breakers rarely trip, even when the amp draw creeps up above 40 amps for a while. 

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Hi everyone,

My house has aluminum wiring  and I am currently insured with TD. I am hoping to look around for a lower premium but I know that a lot of insurers do not insure houses with aluminum wiring.. does anyone know who does/does not insure aluminum wiring?

Thank you!

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