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EBPHI SME session

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I'm looking for one person who would like to participate in an upcoming subject matter expert session in San Antonio to write quiz questions and review submissions for our new resource guides.

We pay all travel and lodging expenses and provide a per diem for travel days. We're holding the session from October 19-22.

Send me an email at InspectorRoadshow@gmail.com or call or text 585-465-8591

We usually have very good food and very nice hotels.   

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On 9/12/2023 at 8:43 PM, Chad Fabry said:

I didn't stop back for a few days... I'd gladly have taken Mike, Les, Jerry, or Bill. Raymond followed directions and called me.

Next round, guys, I'll expect you to step up to the plate. I'll invite you personally.

Please tell me Tom did not take my place at THE table!   If he in fact did, I suspect his manners were more better than mine have been! SME work is something you never forget.

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12 hours ago, Tom Raymond said:

Yes, I'm going. If the spot was yours I have pretty big shoes to fill.

you will love the work.  anything I can do to help just let me know.  Great food.  Good company.  Threaten them with my return!!

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