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Hose bib requirement

Mike Lamb

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Is there a legit coded requirement that hose bibs be installed at the front and back of residential housing? Or is it required that any hose bibs needs to be installed at all? I am finding a recommended reference from American Legal Library but I don't know who they are or what jurisdiction they have if any.

   The following provisions, to be added to the OBOA/CABO One, Two and Three Family Dwelling Code, are hereby recommended for the Seven Hills Building Code:
   (a)    Two exterior hose bibs or sill cocks shall be installed on each residence one on front wall, one on rear wall, each provided with accessible stop cock or valve. Each hose bib or sill cock shall be protected by a listed and approved "back flow preventer" or vacuum breaker to prevent any water flow into the potable water (drinking water) supply system.
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Hose bib installation requirements vary by location, and there is no universal mandate for positioning them at the front and back of residential housing. Specific regulations for hose bibs are typically detailed in local plumbing codes or municipal ordinances. While many jurisdictions necessitate hose bibs for outdoor water use in residential buildings, the exact specifications differ, covering aspects like placement, type, or insulation requirements. To obtain precise information about hose bib regulations in your area, consult your local building department or municipal authorities for guidance on applicable codes. You may also ask for expert's advise. There are available online like on Will plumbing that you can check anytime you want.

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