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Atomic Clock

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Originally posted by allspec33351


They are clocks that receive a signal and it adjust the time on your clock to the atomic clock. Some cars also have them. It is a good idea to have one if you live in an area that has a lot of power failures.

Thanks Chad.


I've got one that occasionally goes haywire. Mine is supposed to receive a radio signal to keep itself on track but we have very poor radio reception here.

I suppose that stray radio waves in that frequency would play havoc with one of these things.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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I was thinking this was all foolish, until my wife fried up some eggs and bacon last night for supper. She was looking a little older and had a few more grey hairs and kept babbling about AARP.

I quickly recognized the problem, thanks to TIJ and Captain, and ran back to the office and re-set the atomic clock.

Things are good in Mid-Mich now; wife is friskey, lower colesterol, no missed appts, etc..

Thank You Captain!

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