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Is it just in my area?


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I've seen several of those, and more all of the time. It seems that everything, everything, everything has been made a slave to the appearance of the house. They want the roofline to be "interesting" no matter how flat out stupid it is.

The other thing I'm seeing lately is idiotic little flat rubber roofs used in spots where other stupid sections come together and can't be resolved. Jeez.

Brian G.

Style vs. Substance...No Contest These Days [:-indiffe

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I inspected one almost exactly like the one in your photo about a year ago that was 3 years old. I followed the path of water through the dining room corner, into the basement where the subfloor, bandboard and 2 joist where already rotted out. Lucky for me the only part of the basement that was not finished was a closet under the dining room. The builder was contacted and did the repairs but did not solve the real problem. My people walked.

Tom Barber in VA

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See it all the time here. The builders want have the roof put on first to get the house dry and then brick it afterwards. Roofers usually put some cheap J channel in, but it won’t work that way and over time the shingles ruffle up when things settle. The roofing company is supposed to send someone back out once the brick is laid to cut back the shingles and install a flashing system. But if the builder is not willing to pay for a good roofing company that does this, thuis is what you end up with. Really bad deal since it normally lets water into the wall cavities where it can't get fresh air in to dry out. Every one of these walls should be red flagged except maybe Bains pic. Gets very little water on the returns, so probably just some caulk there.

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