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Radiant floor heat

Mark P

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I came accross this on todays inspection, first time I've seen a water heater used for this purpose. As best I can tell the pipes run under the floor of 1 bathroom and shower to heat it up , the rest of the house is heated by a forced air furnace. There is a circulating pump, pressure/temp gauge, 4 pipes running in/out of floor (bottom left corner). A couple of red things behind the gauge that I don't know what they are. If there is something wrong with it I don't know what it is, but thought I'd share it with the TIJ community. Anyone have a link to an article that will educate me on this set up, or even what the proper name is.


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Hi Randy,

The most noticeable features that I see are the exposed lugs on the sides of the tanks where hydronic systems are supposed to connect. That and the fact that most are usually at least 65,000 Btu/Hr vs. the 40 - 45,000 for the typical water heater used for domestic hot water. I see te Bio-Radiant systems frequently and most folks I know who've had them love them.



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Originally posted by randynavarro

I'd like to do some more research on water heaters beings used for hydronic systems. I know that most manufacturers make units that are capable of doing both but I don't know how to tell the difference if I see one on a normal inspection.

There's the secondary heat exchanger models for those w/the dough, but I've seen completely wonderful hydronic systems using a cheap GE someone picked up @ Le Depot de Maison for $180.

At first, it offended every sensibility I have, but after talking, looking, & thinking about it, why not?

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