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How often do you use your Clamp-On meter?


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I use an old amprobe analog too. But I only use it with a compound manifold gauge set when checking the A/C. (A summer only thing) I do not have a gauge set for pureon, so I will probably be discontinuing this service. Electric water heaters and heat pumps are very rare for me, so I will not be using the old amprobe much longer.


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Originally posted by Brian G.

I have a nice little digital Sperry I got for $60. I use the amp side in the summer to check amp draws on condensers against the listed RLA, for a little CYA. I also use the OHM range when I can't tell for sure if a panel is bonded.

Brian G.

Brian, say more about Ohm range and panel bonding. That went whistling over my head.


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The enclosure of an electrical panel is supposed to be bonded to the neutral bar (except for subpanels, bonded to the equipment ground bar), but not all are shipped that way. Some come with the familiar green screw, some have that little metal pigtail thingy, some have something else (espescially older ones). If I can't see how it's bonded I'll check continuity between the enclosure and the neutral bar with the Ohm setting, just to be sure. I've found a handful that just weren't bonded.

You can also use it to make sure the neutral bar and equipment ground bar aren't bonded in a subpanel, if you're not sure.

Brian G.

Bond...Electrical Bond, At Your Service Sir

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