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Electric Hot Water Heat??


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I have an inspection scheduled next week for a home that has a "electric hot water" heating system, as described on the MLS sheet. I am not familiar with a heating system like this. I expect that there is some sort of tank or apparatus where electric coils heat water, a pump, and distribution system. I would like to know what issues I should look for, other than any normal electric appliance. Has anyone seen these? or is there a site where I can read up on them? Thanks.

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Hi Greg,

Sounds like it could be an Apollo type system. They work like the heater in your car. Hot water flows through a coil and air is then blown over the coil.

I can't say that I have ever seen an electric hydro heating system, all I have seen have been gas fired.

Well I checked the Apollo site and they only make gas units. So it's not that.

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Hard to help with no specifics. There are a few different types of systems out there.

How old is the home?

If it's a conventional system just substitute a electric boiler for gas. Check the usual items such as electrical connections, contactors and the like for burns / discoloration, expansion tanks, backflow prevention, water makeup, circ pumps, zone valves - all the stuff that would normally go with a hydronic heating system. If you really want to go a step further you can amp out the elements too.

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With "electric hot water" listed, I would assume it is an electric boiler and would follow what Terry described above.

I come across 1-2 a year. It seems they are becoming more popular with many in-floor radiant systems.

They are usually wall mounted units. The (several) elements are about the same as you find in a water heater. They must be mounted plumb/level and a low water cut-off is usually necessary, because some of the baseboard or the radiant loops are well below the level of the boiler.

I'll be out in your valley, a bit south of Lewisburg, late next week.

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