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$1000 E&O Insurance


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This does not pass the smell test.

For those of you that have been around for more that five years (about 10 of us), don't forget about the Napadow(sp) scam!

This is that contact information. Investigate very good before you send anything. I would contact the MO State Insurance Commissioner and see what they know.

Be careful, many got burned with the Napadow scam.

Contact info:Wally Glaser

Weiss Insurance

683 Trade Center Blvd Suite 100

Chesterfield,MO 63005

Direct line 636-534-7214

Fax 636-787-7778

Cell 314-761-8480

e-mail wallyglaser@weiss-ins.com

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I did a simple search and found link to a cached site. It is the cached version of their new information, from September 11, 2007. The link will not work but all you have to do is a search for Weiss Insurance & Financial. It could be that they have multiple offices, but they do not state it. They all say "Single Location".

This is their new information as of today.


The cached version stays around for several weeks before it drops off.

It looks like two different profiles.

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Originally posted by jhagarty

Care to Offer anything other than your Smell Test?

Less than half the price of any well-established firm + previous E&O scam = more than enough reason for doubt & caution. Even if it's legitimate, I would have to wonder how long they might be around to pay any claims against me.

Brian G.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True... [:-mischie

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What they are saying is do your homework thoroughly before you send these folks a dime. About 4-5 years ago a piece of shit named Michael Napadow took a whole lot of inspectors for an expensive ride when he scammed them out of thousands for E & O policies that didn't exist. Check them out with your state's insurance commissioner and anyone else you can before you commit.



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