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World Population

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On another board I'd seen where someone said everyone on earth would fit in a 60 mile diameter circle given three square feet per person.

I don't do circles, but I can do rectangles.

5,280 Length of Square Mile

5,280 Width of Square Mile

27,878,400 Square Feet in a Square Mile

30 Miles Long

30 Miles Wide

900 Square Miles in a 30 x 30 mile box

25,090,560,000 Square Feet in a 30 x 30 mile box

3 Divided by 3 square feet per person

8,363,520,000 # of people in a 30 x 30 mile box

6,708,700,100 World Population per


In other words, the whole worlds population, at 3 square feet per person would fit in about the area of greater Chicago.

Now that I've shared another interesting, but useless, tidbit of information, I'm off to spend the day with my grandsons. Certainly a better use of my time than calculating that.

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