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For the fun of it

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I got 44 out of 50. After looking at my wrong answers, I figured I could have gotten at least another one or two correct (or would that be "gotten another one or two right"?) if I took a bit more time with it. Still, I guess that wasn't bad for someone with only a hi skool ejukation. [:-graduat

I think Jane started running out of questions halfway through, because the questions in the second half were a heck of a lot easier than those in the first half.

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I also got 44 out of 50 correct. However, I strongly disagree with her take on the proper use of "none."

She maintains that it can be either singular or plural depending on what word it's paired with.

I was taught -- most emphatically -- that "none" is a contraction of "not one" and, thus, is always singular.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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41 out of 50, but I wouldn't say some of the things they have as correct, even if I knew they were "wrong". I won't spoil it for anyone else, but there are some fairly obscure references in there too.

I freely confess to never having had a full grip on the many variations of " he and me", "she and I", etc. I prefer to simply avoid using them.

Brian G.

My English Needs Work, But My Redneck is Perfect [^]

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47 out of 50 (first try). But then, I am English after all. [;)] Fortunately, I can read the stuff a lot better than I type it!

I'm still arguing with Yosef over one of the "wrong" ones.

Jim, I've seen "none" argued both ways and also the opinion that modern usuage allows whatever sounds the best.

In the case of a group of people, who may be mixed genders, "their" rather than "his" or "her" just makes more sense.

When you get a little more emphatic and use "not one" instead of "none", then only the singular verb sounds right.

Take the following...

None of the teachers was qualified.

None of the teachers were qualified.

Not one of the teachers was qualified.

Not one of the teachers were qualified.

Word grammar check doesn't mind the first three, and they all sound OK to me. But the fourth is definitely wrong.

Legal Note: Be aware that I dropped out of school on my 16th birthday, the first day I could legally do so, and my firmly held opinions should be regarded with a judicious degree of skepticism by others! [:-dunce]

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