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Chad Fabry

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It's funny and sad at the same time...

While there are about 50 inspectors, only a handful apparently participate in the bowling alley parking lot training sessions or the afternoon meetings at Bill Miller BBQ. Pace couldn't explain why all inspectors are not invited to the training session or why inspectors who don't conduct electrical inspections would be included in training for a test for electricians.
Read the whole article here
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From an HI POV, I find the article a deplorable invasion of privacy. What’s next? Are they going to spy on the city inspectors while they are on the job? This whole thing is a slippery slope to the public demanding they spend more time on site, actually looking at stuff, rather than the normal few minutes just schmoozing with the contractors. If that happens, it could lead to Austin’s home inspectors having the spare (sorry) time for bowling.

As for taking the city vehicles home at night…how else are they expected to safely siphon gas into the wife’s car?

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39 yrs ago a college friend had a job with the city as a meter reader. It wasn't rocket science. He learned how to fill out his logs without moving an inch. Took his city truck to a hiding place and hitched a ride to the tennis courts most days.

He didn't see it as cheating. He just made good use of his time.

So who watches the police anyway?

I don't know that much about bowling, but I have seen "The Big Lebowski" and highly recommend it as a bowling related training picture.

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