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Actually Neal, I thought the same as you.

However, when I attended the seminar titled "Chimneys and Vents' I asked Mr. Ballanco straight out, is a 12 inch riser required when attaching to a draft hood.

He stated something like; it's a code requirement, but I wouldn't worry if it's not a true 12 inches, as long as the exhaust is able rise, 8 or even 6 inches would be OK. Can you connect an elbow to the draft hood, No!

Like this beauty here...

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I have not found anything in the code about a 12" vertical rise for a single vent pipe. However, for two or more appliances on one vent pipe there is reference to a connector rise in feet depending on vent pipe height. See IRC 2006 G2428.3 (504.3) and table 2428.3(1).

Appendix "B" also has some diagrams showing the different connector rises for two appliance into one vent pipe.

Jeff Euriech

Peoria Arizona

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