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The New JLC Field Guide

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I just recieved my renewal notice from JLC, which included an offer on thier new JLC Field Guide. It appears to be more or less a Code-Check on heavy steroids (380 pages, including 440 diagrams and charts! $75 w/ shipping). Spiral bound too, always good. Volume 1 covers foundations, framing, roofing, and exteriors. Volume 2 will cover (not ready yet?) electrical, plumbing, energy / HVAC, and interiors. It looks like a great thing for a fledgling HI to have around.

Has anyone actually seen one, and if so, what did you think of it?

The sub-title is "A Manual of Best Practice". Is this based on code, and if so, which code?

Mike, any plans to review this puppy in the foreseeable future? [:-?help]

Brian G.

Seeker of Enlightenment

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I have a copy. If you have other illustrated guides as I do, then you've probably got most of what's in this Field Guide. If not, it's a good buy. I'd say it's more like a desk reference rather than a field guide though.

Seems I bought mine for less than $75 though, but I could be wrong (and I'm not digging the receipt out!)

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