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parapet gaps

John Dirks Jr

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Look under the edge of the parapet. You can see the voids and the exposed untreated wood products. What's going on here? Are they just not done or does it look like a major screw up? It's a new town home in Baltimore City.

I called it out for the potential of wood rot and animal nesting.

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It looks to me like they aren't done, seeing as how there is still some roofing material sitting up there. That doesn't necessarily mean anything though.

The roofing (not there yet) that runs up the wall should be capped by another piece that runs down the wall. Then coping should be installed over the top of the parapet.

It looks like there is missing sheathing as well...(can't be sure with your pic)

Look at page 14 of this: PARAPET

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Have you got a shot of that roof from eye level?

OT - OF!!!


I never actually stood on that roof. The top level was half balcony and half flat roof. I jumped up on a divider wall between the adjoining balcony and looked up there. I thought I had seen enough at that point to make the recommendation for a roofer to check it all out.

Here are the other pics I snapped.

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