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Pentagon Memorial

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My family and I visited the Pentagon Memorial today. It is a unique design that has monuments of benches. They are arranged in line with the flight path of Flight 77.

There is a bench for each person who died, each one arranged in chronological order according to the age of the person it represents. The first one as you walk in represents a 3 year old. The last at the other end is a 71 year old.

The ones positioned facing away from the Pentagon are for those who were in the building. The ones that face the Pentagon were for those on the plane.

I'm sure my description in words gives poor perspective of how I felt standing in the middle of it all. It's a nicely done memorial. To be there in person and understand why things are layed out as they are is moving.

Go to this link and you'll find an interactive map that tells all about it. Mouse over the green dots or put your cursor over the names to the left. It takes a few seconds to load up.


Also, I made a small slide show of a few pictures I took. Its at the link below.

http://www2.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare ... =comcast2/

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