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Bottom of Gas Meter in the dirt

Mark P

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New construction, well 1 year old. The bottom 2-3 inches of the gas meter is in the dirt. I told them "it won't effect the gas flow to the house, but I don't think it should be in the dirt like that."

Now I'm writing the report and I'm uncertain what to say. Does it really hurt anything? Is it really wrong? It belongs to the gas company, is it even the home owners concern? Will the freezing ground move it in the winter? Should the meter be raised, or just the dirt dug out from around it leaving a hole that can be filled with gravel? Heck, I'm stumped.

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Thanks Mike,

This is all I could find. I'm going to call the gas company.

"The customer shall provide adequate working space for MidAmerican Energy

personnel to maintain the metering and regulating equipment as follows:

• Six (6) feet head clearance above grade

• Three (3) feet from the front of the meter

• One (1) foot to either side of the meter

• Six (6) feet of level ground to any retaining walls or other sudden drop offs

in front of the meter"

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