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What the.....

Brandon Whitmore

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Enter Captain Thread Drift...

I inspected a condo in a large building in Weymouth, MA a few years back for a retired woman who had been in a house fire as a child and couldn't stop telling me how afraid of fires she was. I guess that kind of thing leaves a lasting impression.

The building was built around 1970, wired exclusively with aluminum, and every last sinner in the place was being protected by a Federal Pacific panel. It was probably safer than living on the West Bank, but not quite what I would call 'safe'.

The broker calmly and patiently explained to us all how the City Electrical inspector would be happy to issue a letter explaining how safe the building is, but by then my client was already long-gone and hard-to-find.

I really should start taking photos one of these days...

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I inspected a 1978 ranch style home today. When I went out into the garage to look for the electrical panel, I did a double take. There' s a Wadsworth fuse box right next to a Federal Pacific panel. Weird.

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Geez, Brandon...

As a resident of the Pacific Northwest, you are in the eco-conscious center of the U.S. Surely you recognize that whoever installed the "previously owned" fuse panel was a recycling pioneer who was only trying to avoid clogging the landfills with perfectly usable materials!

We'll give him a bye on the FPE panel since word hadn't really gotten around yet at that time...

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