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Exterior water proofing material

Mark P

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This is new construction. The exterior foundation wall is covered in some water proofing stuff that is split and wrinkled and there is a gash, probably from the landscaping equipment, in the wall. I’ll recommend the gash be repaired.

What I’d like to know is:

What is the waterproofing material? It has a rubbery / elastic feel to it.

Where can I learn more about how it is applied, its properties, etc?

Are the splits and wrinkles normal, a problem, need correction…???

What do other inspectors say and this sort of thing?



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The third picture (with the gash) looks like exterior gypsum covered with a vinyl material. I have never seen exterior grade gypsum sheathing used below grade, only as replacement for Celotex.

What's behind this surface? Basement, crawl, or foundation on grade? Some areas won't allow exposed concrete foundations, so maybe this is the builder's idea of a finished veneer.

Ezra Malernee

Canton, Ohio

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It is a full basement. I see exposed concrete foundations every day, in fact that is almost all I see. The postion below grade is usually sprayed with a black substance before i is backfilled. I can't remember seeing this rubbery stuff before.

I told them to get the name and manufacturer of the product from the builder and I would do some homework.

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Hi Mark,

I wonder if it could be this stuff, which is designed to be used on interior basement walls.

I agree with Jim, whatever it is, it's coming off that wall because moisture has gotten into the concrete behind it. They use something similar around here but they usually protect it with Typar Delta Drain or something similar so it won't be damaged by stone in the backfill or by equipment.



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