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tidbits for the inspector

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Well I can speak for the last "holiday", halloween, I found numerous bowls of chocolates in different houses. I was able to semi avoid all temptations. But I did find them.

On a serious note John, I have found over the years that when a homeowner follows me with my client, my radar is on full alert. Especially when they try to explain the sump pump they installed that their friend, who is a contractor, told them was "OK". Just an example.

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Sometimes I find several things at an inspection that are so blatantly obvious that I wonder if they left it that way just so I could find it.

Kind of like, maybe this will satisfy the inspector and he'll overlook the other stuff.

Do you ever think like this?

Back when I used to build stuff, that was a common ploy among some crews. I never bought into it. It just seemed pointless to actually build something incorrectly with the intent of rebuilding it.

The jobsite logic always went like this: The inspector is full of it. He just has to find something wrong so that he can feel like he did his job.

It's a very cynical view.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Over the years, I have had several home sellers that have been past clients leave me dozens of post-it notes and explainations about particular conditions.

Couple were quite funny: Dear Les, we know the drain is clogged and has been since you inspected it for us a couple of years ago. We never used it and are fine if your new clients want it fixed. Let us know. Thanks, XXXXX

Another one: Les, I know about the crack in the bedroom ceiling. Are you still single? XXXXX

Many of my commercial bank clients have crews that intentionally do something stupid for my exclusive entertainment. Don't know how many I may have missed over the years.

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