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Inspector Says Inspections Not Always Needed


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"When defects or deficiencies are found, our report will advise you to call in a professional in that particular trade. That is what a home inspection does for you.

A home inspection does not tell you what needs to be done to correct the problem or how much it will cost"

Maybe it's just me, but it's uncommon for me to tell someone to get a tradesman "for further evaluation". I tell people everyday what needs to be done to correct the problem.

When I used to read the Nachi H.I. forum some guys there would constantly advise to defer to another professional to CYA. I think that's doing a disservice to clients hwo are paying us good money for an inspection.

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Original quote from the article in question:

Barbara Newell is a freelance writer and owner of Barbara Newell, Inc., Inspections, Consulting, Mold Testing and Home Watch.

I'll wager that she does more 'freelance writing' than inspecting. She has far too loose a tongue.


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I read the "news stories" at the end of the posted links. At the risk of being politically incorrect, does anyone else think Barbara Newell may be mentally retarded?

Well, she ain't no Walter Jowers but on that first article, but I'm certainly feeling 'er.

I will pull up to a property and within the first five minutes, out of respect for the client, try and talk them out of a full comprehensive job with a written report.

Why take a full inspection fee and spend all that time when all the report will say is "Fix everything. No, seriously, fix everything."

In here defense, Ms. Newell did state clearly that situations like these are rare, and few and far between.

C'mon - it's home inspection. If you're a writer, the topic of home inspection won't bring readership unless it's edgy and controversial - 'cept in Jowers' case maybe.

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True story - I had a guy stop by the office yesterday and demand I talk to him and recommend an inspector in Naples Florida. It seems that Jason from my office had done a couple of inspections for him in Michigan and told him ".......we are your home inspector for life!" He claims he had an inspection done last week on a Naples property and the woman was an idiot and he refuse to pay her, blah blah blah.

Wonder if that was her? We hooked him up.

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If you always deferr to a trade professional you are sending your client to someone who has a financial interest in the job. I may make recomendations and give cost estimates but I will also quantify these by saying if your going to have the work done get several estimates and check references.

In this market if you say call a qualified contractor he may find more work than necessary because he is slow. Don't leave your client hanging.

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